Women's Conference


March 27—28 2020
Wellington, New Zealand

Join us at Passionate Women’s Conference at The Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington on 27th – 28th March 2020

Passionate exists to fan into flame the gift of God in the lives of women. God is calling a generation of women to Himself who will love Him passionately and serve Him whole-heartedly. We have an amazing opportunity before us to respond to this divine invitation of discovering His heart and what brings Him delight.

Future - 2020 -

Lift up your eyes and see what is possible.

God has a prophetic purpose for all of us. He has a plan for our lives — this is His prophecy for us. He longs for us to live fully embracing this plan so that who we were made to be from the foundation of the world can truly shine.

God gives His women a voice that is to resonate and be heard; lift your voice and let your life prophesy God’s love. As we gather at Passionate Conference 2020 we will seek to know the purpose and the prophecy God has for our lives. We will be empowered to live it out by the grace of the Holy Spirit and the encouragement of one another.

Love, Gillian Cameron
Host of Passionate Women’s Conference