Passionate Women's Conference


The Heart of Passionate

I believe God is calling a generation of women to Himself who will serve Him whole-heartedly, and love Him passionately. God is calling each of us to know Him more, to follow Him and worship Him with our lives. We have an amazing opportunity before us to respond to this divine invitation of discovering His heart and what brings Him delight.

Gillian Cameron


Fan the Flame

Passionate women on fire for Jesus. Fan the flame in women's lives - believe in their potential - speak to their possibilities - unlock the gift and call of God in their lives.

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Take Hold

Take hold of that for which Christ has taken hold of you. Let go of the baggage, things holding you back and take hold of what Christ has to offer.

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Pattern of Heaven

See and follow God's pattern for your life. Go up the mountain - get the blueprint from God. Don't live according to the pattern of this world but live according to the pattern of heaven.

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Hope Anchor

Through all life's storms and trials our eternal hope in Christ will hold us fast. Our hope in Christ secures us in His love and empowers us to dig into heaven's resources.

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Love and Devotion

God worshippers are like arrows that hit God's mark. When we worship we do what we were created to do - worship causes us to live in the path and direction God intends. His daughters are arrows that are refined and fired.

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God Pleasers

As women we can be seeking to please everyone but above all we live to please God and his approval of us is ultimately all that matters. God is pleased with us- God approves of us - God has stamped us with his seal of approval.

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Wisdom – A Garland of Grace

God wants us to seek after wisdom. We ask for wisdom and we look for wisdom. Wisdom is found in fear of the Lord. Wisdom is seen in actions. Wisdom is only seen in the choices a person makes. God wants us to live wisely - making sound choices that follow His words and His ways.

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