• DiannaNepstad


    "Let me tell you the glamour will fade away, the gimmicks - they’ll be gone, and what will remain is your faith. What you hear from here and do out there - that’s faith”

    Dianna Nepstad is one of those vibrant women who you meet and immediately want to be friends with, filled with joy and wisdom. Alongside her husband Shaun Nepstad, she pastors an incredibly diverse, multi-cultural church outside of San Francisco called Fellowship Church.

    Dianne is a communicator of biblical truth and has a great understanding of what it means to have influence, to be a culture shaper and a community leader with her unique skill set. We can’t wait to have her with us!

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  • GillianCameron


    "When burden weighs on your heart, when anxiety beats in your chest, when the storm rages, when nobody is telling you that you can do it; there is a voice that comes, and speaks to the storm, and says the storm will be still."

    Gillian Cameron and her husband John are the founders and Senior Pastors of ARISE Church in New Zealand and are passionate about seeing the nation won for Jesus. Gillian is a dynamic minister of the word of God with a sharp prophetic edge and a vibrant joy. Her authority and keen ability to impart the Holy Spirit will move your heart and impact your life. Gillian - host of Passionate Women’s Conference - started Passionate in 2009 and loves celebrating, empowering and releasing women in all that God has called them to be.

    Gillian Cameron

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